Magnum Cascaï - Chateau Ferry Lacombe 2022
  • Magnum Cascaï - Chateau Ferry Lacombe 2022

Magnum Cascaï - Chateau Ferry Lacombe 2022

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Chateau Ferry Lacombe's dedication to traditional winemaking methods and sustainable practices may further enhance the wine's quality and appeal. Whether enjoyed on its own or paired with regional cuisine, Cascaï from Chateau Ferry Lacombe is an invitation to experience the essence of its vineyards, delivering a wine that captures the spirit of its origin and the craftsmanship of those who bring it to fruition.


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Cascaï from Chateau Ferry Lacombe emerges as a compelling testament to the mastery of winemaking and the unique terroir of its origin. Crafted with precision and care, this wine reflects the distinctive character of the vineyards under the stewardship of Chateau Ferry Lacombe.

Expect an aromatic journey that unveils a harmonious blend of fruit and terroir-specific elements. The nose is likely to be adorned with notes of ripe fruits, possibly red berries or citrus, intertwined with subtle hints of the surrounding Mediterranean landscape. These aromas set the stage for a wine that promises a true sense of place.

On the palate, Cascaï is anticipated to offer a delightful interplay of flavors. The fruit profile may be complemented by nuances of herbs, minerals, or other elements reflective of the vineyard's unique characteristics. The winemaker's attention to detail and commitment to expressing the authenticity of the terroir is likely to result in a wine with a well-balanced structure and a memorable finish.

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