About us

Our philosophy

At Wine and Friends, we believe wine is a passion worth sharing. This is the reason why we strive to select the best wines from France and deliver them at your door at the best price. How did it all start ? Wine & Friends was once just a group of friends ordering together from Wholesalers in France, in order to benefit from bulk order prices, save on shipping costs and distributors margins. For the past 3 years Nadim, the founder, has grouped and received his friends and colleagues orders in his own living room.

Life was beautiful until his wife Juliette blew the whistle. Although the argument about the reasonable number of wine bottles one should have in their living room has not yet ended, they have, together with Jeff, decided that it might be worth a shot externalizing the whole process far away from Juliette and Nadim's living room. For the greater good of beginners and connoisseurs of all horizons !

What is it that we are doing exactly?

We consider ourselves amateurs and love sharing a good bottle with friends. If you are not sure in which part on France  "Tannin" is located or whether you should drink your wine from the "barrel" don't worry. Relax. Take a deep breath. Wine & Friends is here. We don’t think you need to be an expert to enjoy wine and that is why you will always find a good ear to advise you on your wine selection. We hope that you will find some authenticity in the way we are conducting this business. We select wines we would have bought for our own cellar and share them with you at affordable prices - even Grand Crus YES. Really like a good friend would !

You will not find everything at all times in our shop, we are still a young boutique operating small volumes, bur we hope that month after month we will be able to properly represent the French Terroir with our selection. If you have a dream wine... feel free to send out suggestions. No promises but if we can help sourcing it, we will.

We treasure quality and transparency !

We buy we import we store we deliver. What you pay is a true reflection of all the costs incurred throughout the different steps of that process. You will rarely see us offering large discounts, simply because we believe we are offering the best possible prices.

What we cannot guarantee is that you will never encounter an oxidized bottle BUT what we guarantee is the traceability of the wines we source and the chain of temperature the wines have been exposed to until the time they reach your home.

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Licenses & Permits

  • SFA (Singapore Food Agency) license : IP23L3201 (expiring on 30 Nov 2024)
  • SPF (Singapore Police Force) Liquor License 3A : L/LL/053908/2023/P (expiring on 2nd Jan 2025)